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"Iessaiah is highly attuned and filled with compassion like I've never known. Iessaiah has helped me to work through self confidence issues and past trauma. I am often in awe of her insight and value her wisdom greatly, as a counsellor and friend."

- J.W, Zimbabwe.

As a dedicated Complementary Health Care Practitioner & Trauma Informed Therapist, I work collaboratively with clients to resolve various issues with an Integrative and Holistic approach.

Through the years I facilitated Mental Health and Wellbeing programs, Complimentary Therapy in Hospice Care, and Personal and Spiritual development courses.

My life experience has given me a deep understanding into the effects of shock and trauma. As a result I have a profound empathy, awareness and sensitivity to the personal challenges and life crises of others. 

It has been my personal connection to the 'healing source' of grace and Love, a guiding force which gave me strength and comfort. I kept this at the heart and centre of my life, realising the importance of embodying our true self, allowing the sacred to unfold to transform and restore me. This has reinforced my spiritual commitment and discipline, bringing it to the forefront of my personal and professional working life.


My spiritual and healing journey began in childhood. I had the clear felt sense and understanding the Healing Source within me, was all around and nothing was separate. I found sanctuary in the ability to connect with this awareness I call 'Source' or the 'Holy Spirit', an infinite loving presence. This presence was of great solace to me during the difficult periods of my life.

This revelation became my calling to support others on their healing journeys. I continued to expand my knowledge, exploring the concepts and theories, philosophies and practices which pointed towards this awareness. Over the years I developed an embodied and integrative approach with clients.

I aspire to help you improve your mental health and wellbeing. As a Mental Health Advocate I offer support and companionship, raising awareness and sharing resources around trauma and abuse.

I have trained over a period of 30 years covering a wide range of therapies and practices, I am earnest in my advocacy, using my direct experience and understanding to speak out and change the conversation around Abuse and Trauma. Subsequently this led me to creating a Social Media Support Group for survivors of abuse, as well as volunteering as a Recovery Mental Health Coach.

My wish is to encourage the development and formation of your own self-healing abilities and self-awareness; to empower and enable you to find peace and meaning in your life. 

It gives me great pleasure and fulfilment to be of service. I am deeply honoured to be invited to support and counsel people through their spiritual and healing journey.

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